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2018 SCAN Retreat Recap

Each year, the CNS hosts a half-day retreat for all current and past students in the SCAN program. The 4th Annual SCAN Retreat took place earlier this February. Students and alumni came together for lunch, followed by a series of student presentations in which a few students gave brief overviews of the [...]

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Lunch with Mike Gazzaniga CANCELED due to weather.

Watch for an announcement of a rescheduled visit in the fall!

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Spring 2018 Public Talks on “Brain Development and Society”

Reminding you about the exciting talk line-up, and announcing the talk locations!  Come hear the best-selling author of NeuroTribes, along with scientists speaking on genetic and environmental effects on brain development and controversies on autism.  Click here for more information!

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Allyson Mackey receives APS award!

The Association for Psychological Science has named our own Professor Mackey a “Rising Star” for her work on early experience and brain development.  You can hear about her fascinating and important work at the final CNS monthly talk this year.  The year’s theme is Brain Development and Society - see [...]

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Critical Analysis of fMRI – suicide prediction

CNS Associate Directors, Geoff Aguirre and Stephen Morse, led a fascinating seminar today on Critical Analysis of fMRI.  A large gathering of scholars discussed the new paper by Just et al (2017) and its findings in the use of fMRI for prediction of suicide, as well as ethical considerations into [...]

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Upcoming Event: Graduate Certificate in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) on-campus information session

Join the SCAN program team, current students and alumni for an on-campus information session on Monday, December 4. Click here for event details and RSVP link. Visit our SCAN website for more information.

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The Neuroscience of Socioeconomic Status

In this new review, published in the journal Neuron, Dr. Farah explains the concept of socioeconomic status and its possible neural and behavioral correlates in the brain.  After summarizing the substantial body of work that has shown evidence for associations between SES and brain structure and function, Dr. Farah discusses [...]

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NIH announces its latest call for neuroethics grant proposals

Part of NIH’s support for the BRAIN initiative has been devoted to working on the ethical, legal and social implications of neuroscience.  For the coming year, they have announced RFA-MH-18-500, aimed at supporting research on the ethics of brain science and neurotechnology, which will be "both complementary and integrative with the [...]

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CNS faculty team up to test brain training!

Joe Kable, Caryn Lerman and colleagues report the first randomized, controlled trial test of Lumosity brain training.  They found neither improved cognition nor enhanced brain activity.  Read their J of Neurosci article here and a good open access write-up at UPI here.

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Predicting Mens Rea with fMRI

Penn’s own Stephen Morse helped develop a novel method for discriminating criminal acts committed with knowledge versus recklessly, in collaboration with a team from the MacArthur Network on Law and Neuroscience.  Read it here:

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The eloquent Jason Karlawish on Alzheimer’s and aging

Penn CNS faculty member Jason writes a blog for Forbes magazine – see his essays on aging, dementia, medicine and health policy here:

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Two new SCAN electives will be offered Spring 2017

PSYC 557-301 Neuroscience, Ethics & Law, taught by Martha Farah, will explore how the neuroscience of decision-making and emotion impacts our understanding of ethics and the law. PSYC 449-301 Neuroscience for PolicyMakers, taught by Hilary Gerstein, will discuss the neuroscience behind some of the most relevant issues in public science [...]

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Neuroscience and music this Saturday, Dec 3

Penn’s own Mike Kaplan will provide the neuroscience, brilliant jazz guitarist Pat Martino and others the music…  According to Mike, Martino had "an impressive career in the sixties and seventies, almost died in 1980 when a hemorrhage necessitated the removal of most of his left temporal lobe. He went on to [...]

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NYT Op Ed on “DIY” Brain Stimulation

CNS Visiting Scholar Anna Wexler explained the phenomenon of DIY brain stimulation in Sunday’s New York Times. Her piece, called “Zapping Their Brains at Home,” also corrected the widespread assumption that DIY users are all foolhardy and reckless, describing the ways in which they have sought guidance from the scientific [...]

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Visit the CNS!

The CNS has hosted visitors for periods ranging from a few weeks to a year.  Would you like to visit us too?  Starting in January of 2017 we will have beautiful new light-filled office space for up to 3 visitors in the National Historic Landmark Goddard Labs building, designed by [...]

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Animal Research Neuroethics Workshop

In June, the Penn Center for Neuroscience and Society (CNS) and the Penn Center for Interaction of Animals and Society (CIAS) are hosting a two day workshop examining the unique ethical issues that arise in neuroscience research on nonhuman animals.  Topics to be discussed include animal models for pain and psychiatric [...]

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Announcing NeuWrite Philadelphia!

A neurite is part of a neuron. NeuWrite is a group of serious amateur and professional science writers who work together developing their skills. Penn postdoc Anna Leshinskaya was a member of Boston’s NeuWrite community ( and is bringing the group to Philadelphia. For more information:

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Announcing Wharton’s first neuroscience course!

Professor Wes Hutchinson will teach "Consumer Neuroscience" this spring!  According to the syllabus, neuroscience and its applications to marketing and the development of brain-enhancing games and tools have undergone "explosive growth" and "been met with both excitement and skepticism."  The course will provide an overview of these developments and attempt to "separate 'neuro-reality' from 'neuro-hype'."

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In Science: “The Unknowns of Cognitive Enhancement”

In this week's Science, CNS Director Farah points out how little we know about the safety and efficacy of drugs and devices for cognitive enhancement, and asks whether science and policy can catch up with ongoing practice in this area.

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CNS is Hiring: Full-time Lecturer/Assoc. Director

The Center for Neuroscience and Society at the University of Pennsylvania is Seeking a PhD neuroscientist with teaching experience to join us as a full-time Lecturer and Associate Director of the graduate certificate program in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN). Details: Teaching load of 2 and 2, including one [...]

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CNSers attending Neuroethics meeting!

The International Neuroethics Society meets in Chicago Oct 15-16. We'll be there!  Roy Hamilton, Adam Shriver, Anna Wexler and Rachel Wurzman will be presenting. Martha will be there soaking up all the interesting neuroethics news - check it out!

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Sorting Brains Out: Tasks, Tests, and Trials in the Neuro- and Mind Sciences, 1890–2015

Penn's Department of History and Sociology of Science and Center for Neuroscience & Society are convening a conference on the continuities and discontinuities between contemporary neuroscience and its past, with special attention to the behavioral and social implications of brain science.  Full program here.  RSVP appreciated:

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Video posted of Harvard neurolaw conference, including CNS’s Martha Farah

See the video here:

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Research position open: Ethical and Policy Challenges in Precision Medicine for the Brain

For more information and to apply, visit

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Conference on the History of the Mind-Brain Sciences at Penn!

The Dept of the History and Sociology of Science will host a two-day meeting on neuroscience and its understanding of minds, brains and people, 1890-2015.  Participants are invited to address the social, philosophical, political, and ethical commitments associated with neuroscience over time, as well as how the histories of these sciences can help us understand both [...]

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Anjan Chatterjee Keynote on “why we are surrounded by these mysterious objects that we call art.”

CNS faculty member Anjan Chatterjee will deliver the 2015 Keynote Address at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in San Francisco on Saturday, March 28th. This talk will be free and open to the public, so you need not be registered for the meeting. Here is what Anjan says he will cover [...]

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Can you – and should you – electrify your brain?

CNS faculty member Roy Hamilton explains the technology of transcranial direct current stimulation, and how it is being used to improve cognition and mood, on The Pulse:

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New Spring 2015 Course Offering: PSYC 449-301 – Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience: Neuroscience of Human Motivation and Behavior

PSYC 449-301 will focus on the neuroscience of human motivation and behavior as it relates to a broad range of applied settings, such as neuromarketing, public health, and criminal law. Students will acquire foundational knowledge about the neuroscience of emotion, reward, and decision-making while learning how to critically evaluate current [...]

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Anjan Chatterjee Serves as Science Juror for the Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.’s Brain Exhibition

The 16th international art-science juried exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. is the result of Art & Science Collaborations' international Open Call for stunning visual images documenting original art executed in any media that was inspired or informed by the various aspects of the brain and new discoveries in [...]

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Opportunity for Grad and Professional Students in Science and Society

Penn Neuroscience grad student Samantha White is leading an AAAS-sponsored program, Emerging Leaders in Science and Society (ELISS), and invites you to apply for an exciting fellowship opportunity on campus next year!  See the national website,, and contact Sam with your questions:

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