The Dept of the History and Sociology of Science will host a two-day meeting on neuroscience and its understanding of minds, brains and people, 1890-2015.  Participants are invited to address the social, philosophical, political, and ethical commitments associated with neuroscience over time, as well as how the histories of these sciences can help us understand both continuities and ruptures in theories, practices, and values, along with other issues in the study of neuroscience history.

The meeting will include plenary addresses by Cathy Gere (UCSD), Katja Guenther (Princeton), Nicolas Langlitz (New School), Emily Martin (NYU), Francisco Ortega (Rio de Janeiro SU), Tobias Rees (McGill) and Matthew Wolf-Meyer (UCSC) and presentations by graduate students and postdocs, who are encouraged to send their 400 word abstracts to by May 31st.  And mark your calendars for Sept 18-19, 2015 at Penn!