3rd International Conference on Neuroethics (ICONE3): “Placebo. Ethical Issues of ‘Cure By Nothing'”

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March 10, Porto, Portugal


3rd International Conference on Neuroethics intends to open the debate among Neuroscience and Neuroethics, find ethical convergences concerning values and principles and a methodology for cooperation in the future.

The 3rd edition of ICONE intends to promote the ethical evaluation of the use of placebo in the clinical and in research.

New studies and imagiologic methods brought a new light upon the mechanisms behind placebo.

Intimately connected with the neural bases of pain, placebo is presenting more and more of a challenge to Neuroethics. The relation with the interest of the people to be deprived of a conventional treatment by the decision of a roulette wheel that will dictate its inclusion in a treatment group in the within a clinical trial.