Project Description

No realm of life is left unexplored by artists. A myriad of forms and objects are explored, but one object is different. Unlike all other objects depicted, the artist’s brain is the very object considering itself. The explosion of neuroscience research in the last decades has been accompanied by a similar flourishing interest in exploring the brain in the visual arts. This lecture examines the different ways in which artists have considered the brain. It also discusses the challenges and progress that can be made via collaborations between artists and neuroscientists.

Hugo Spiers is a Senior Lecturer at University College London’s Department of Experimental Psychology.

The video that Dr. Spiers uses in his lecture can be viewed here:

Slides for this video can be found here.

This lecture was presented in collaboration with Penn Visual Studies and was part of the Penn Center for Neuroscience & Society 2014-15 Public Talk Series.