Darina Petrovsky

PhD in Nursing ’17
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania ‘14

“The SCAN program has been a game changer in my career. My long-term goal is to be an independent nurse scientist conducting research on the impact of music on behavioral and psychological symptoms in older adults with dementia. Music has a profound impact on the brain and function of older adults with dementia, yet we know little about the mechanism behind its effect.

Through the SCAN program, I received formal training in neurosciences, which has prepared me to begin my understanding of how brain perceives music. This has led me to propose a project for my postdoctoral studies, which was subsequently funded by the NIH (F32AG060630).

Graduating with the SCAN certificate allowed me to find mentors in neuroscience, with whom I still collaborate today. It has allowed me to think creatively and to approach studying the effect of music on the brain on a much deeper level. Obtaining the certificate has allowed me to gain exposure in neuroscience and to be able to evaluate neuroscientific studies in a rigorous manner. It has also sparked additional interest in the area of music perception in older adults with dementia, which I hope to continue to explore in my career. In summary, obtaining the SCAN certificate has been extremely beneficial for me in my career as an early career nurse scientist.”