Faculty mentor: Martha Farah

Undergraduate research assistant positions are open with a focus on two projects:

  1. One project poses the question of how a fundamental schema of interpreting the world—our mind-bodybeliefs—influences the way we think about different aspects of psychopathology (e.g., treatment preferences, perception of psychiatric patients’ criminal responsibility, etc.).
  2. Another project examines the motivations for the use of ADHD medications by healthy people without a prescription or formal diagnosis.

Student duties:

  • Conduct literature search,
  • Assist with experiment design,
  • Design/implement questionnaires
  • Recruit and schedule subjects
  • Monitor or run subjects
  • Data entry
  • Analyze data
  • Attend lab meetings

Student duties will range between those specified above, and will vary depending on the stage of the project. There will be opportunities to learn to use experimental design tools (e.g., Qualtrics), as well as to participate in the creative phases of research (design, data analysis and data interpretation).

Desired student qualifications: Previous research experience, familiarity with statistics and basic research methods, and relevant coursework preferred.

Advising plan: Weekly meetings (45-75 min).

Expected duration of project: Research assistants are currently recruited for the summer 2013, but applications are also welcome for the following fall semester.

Estimated hours per week: 10-15

Credit or pay: Independent Study Credit, Volunteer

To apply, email a resume and an unofficial transcript to Irena Ilieva at: iilieva@sas.upenn.edu