From June 24-29, 2013, the Penn Center for Neuroscience & Society will host 16 neuroscience faculty members and postdoctoral scholars intending to teach neuroethics for a combination of lectures, discussions, teaching exercises and course preparation. Housing, office space and most meals will be provided.

To date, this year’s program will feature sessions taught by the following faculty (page to be updated as more are announced):

The application period for the fellowship is now over and we are no longer accepting applications. To learn more about future fellowship opportunities with CNS, please sign up for our mailing list in the sidebar on the right.

To apply, please send the following materials by February 15, 2013, to

  • CV
  • List of courses taught in the past 3 years
  • Plan for teaching neuroethics (a sentence or two about the kind of course you envision teaching–undergrad or grad, required or elective, seminar or lecture, co-taught or solo, coming academic year or subsequent).
  • 150-word description of your background in neuroethics (if any) and your reasons for wanting to teach neuroethics
  • Please title these emails “YOURLASTNAME Fellowship Application.”

The Penn Fellowships in Neuroscience & Society are supported by the National Science Foundation.


Click the image below to view/download the PDF: