The 2016-2017 CNS Talk Series focuses on the “neurofields” and asks the question: What does neuroscience add to education, law, the humanities and social sciences? Lectures run 4:30-5:30 followed by discussion and a reception. Limited seating, please rsvp to:

Oct. 6
From Moral Concern to Moral Constraint: The Next Frontier of Neuroethics
Fiery Cushman, PhD, Department of Psychology, Harvard University
Location: Silverman Hall 240A, 3501 Sansom St.

Nov. 3
Promise and Pitfalls of Neuroeducation
John Gabrieli, PhD, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT
Location: Huntsman Hall 260, 3730 Walnut Street

Dec. 1
5th Annual GVR Khodadad Lecture: Political Science in the Neurobiological Revolution: Genes, Brains, Environments, Self-Interest and Behavior
Peter Hatemi, PhD, Department of Political Science, Penn State University
Location: Silverman Hall 240A, 3501 Sansom St.

Feb. 2
Neurophilosophy and the Origin of Moral Practices
Patricia Churchland, B. Phil., Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of California, San Diego
Location: Silverman Hall 245A, 3501 Sansom St.

Mar. 2
Neuroeconomics and the Future of the Decision Sciences
Paul Glimcher, PhD, Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science, Economics and Psychology, New York University
Location: Tanenbaum Hall 145, 3501 Sansom St.

Apr. 6
Frontiers in Neurolaw: Promise, Perils, and New Findings
Owen Jones, JD, Vanderbilt University Law School, and The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience
Location: Tanenbaum Hall 145, 3501 Sansom St.